Meet Aimee + An Announcement | The Portrait Pop-Up at Ampersand

Meet Aimee! She's the blogger over at The Ohio Transplant, talented copywriter/strategist behind numerous awesome companies and amazing friend. Super excited to share Aimee's feature today and the news that... new Pop-Up dates are here AND Aimee and I are hosting one of them together, in partnership with Breather, on December 5! Head over to the events page for details and tickets!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm an Ohio Transplant who loves fashion, food and French Bulldogs! :)

We know you do a ton of awesome work, between your blog, jobs and side hustles. Tell us more!

I'm freelancing for a ton of fun projects right now! Currently I'm freelancing at Pinterest and working on projects with Weddington Way and Underwood Letterpress - so fun!

If someone visited San Francisco for a day, what are three things they must do?

1. Catch the sunrise at Corona Heights
2. Say hi to the Golden Gate Bridge
3. Grab a pitcher and soak up the sun at Zeitgeist! 

For more from Aimee, follow along over at The Ohio Transplant or her Instagram!